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Publication Criteria

1. The study presents the results of primary scientific research.

Acceptance decisions related to the submitted papers will be based on: closed, double-blinded review and/or open, non- blinded review.


  • papers submitted to Aplimat Journal will be sent to the member of the Scientific board and/or to additional reviewers for its respective double-blinded reviews; and
  • they also will be submitted to reviewers nominated by their respective authors for its non-blinded review. The author(s) of each submitted paper should nominate at least one reviewer, and can nominate a maximum of three reviewers for the non-blind review of their respective submitted paper.

Acceptance of a submitted paper will be based on both kinds of reviewing. The selection of the best papers, for their publication in Aplimat - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Engineerings, will also be based on both kinds of reviewing. Moreover these papers will be under the supervision of the editorial board of Aplimat Journal.


The reviewing process of extended abstracts, case studies, position papers, reports, white papers, panel presentations will be based on the relevance of the topic, its potential for interdisciplinary communications, its educational value and/or its analogical thinking potential.


Aplimat Journal is designed to communicate primary scientific research. We welcome submissions in any journal subject areas that will contribute to the base of scientific knowledge.


We will not consider:

  • Reviews
  • Case studies, either contemporary or historical
  • Hypothesis or proposal papers
  • Letters, commentaries, or essays
  • Any other type of secondary literature
  • Monographs


We will consider the following article types:

  • Systematic reviews. We consider publishing systematic reviews only if the methods ensure the comprehensive and unbiased sampling of existing literature.
  • Submissions describing methods, software, databases, or other tools.
  • Qualitative research.
  • Studies reporting negative results.



2. Results reported have not been published elsewhere.

Previously Published Works

Aplimat Journal does not accept for publication papers / works that have already been published, in whole or in part, elsewhere in the peer-reviewed literature. In addition, we will not consider submissions that are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 

We will consider manuscripts that have been deposited in preprint servers such as arXiv or published in a thesis. We will also consider work that has been presented at conferences.


Replication Works

If a submitted study replicates or is very similar to previous work, authors must provide a sound scientific rationale for the submitted work and clearly reference and discuss the existing literature. Submissions that replicate or are derivative of existing work will likely be rejected if authors do not provide adequate justification.



3.The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in standard English.

Aplimat Journal does not copyedit accepted manuscripts, so the language in submitted articles must be clear, correct, and unambiguous. We may reject papers that do not meet these standards. If the language of a paper is difficult to understand or includes many errors, we may recommend that authors seek independent editorial help before submitting a revision. These services can be found on the web using search terms like "scientific editing service" or "manuscript editing service."



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